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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama in the way they moved.....


So Osama is dead. And, while I rarely am glad that someone is dead, in this case I am. Osama would have continued to spend his life killing people, whether actively or by encouraging and helping others kill. With his death, we have taken a step toward showing the terrorist world that we can and will defend ourselves. I find this gratifying and encouraging. It is important for us to continue fighting these terrorists; we must continue to whittle away at Al Qaida and other terrorist organizations.

What I don't really understand through all this is the people who think that by killing Bin Laden we are throwing fuel on the fire, that we are angering the terrorists into killing more people. Really? Do they really think that the terrorists aren't killing everyone they can? Do they really think that all the people in the world don't walk around with a target on their backs simply because they choose to live their lives in a free and open society. These people want to kill us all. They will kill as many people as they can with our without Bin Laden. The only way to get them to stop is to fight back. The only way we have a chance of continuing our way of life is to remove the impediment. If that means killing terrorist and their leaders, then that's what we need to do. And we can't back off from our fight because if we do, freedom of choice in any shape manner or form will disappear from this country and our world. This is what the Islamists want. This is their goal. They are not builders, the are destroyers. And, unless we attack, unless we take on our enemies, unless we defend our citizens and friends and guests those destroyers will destroy us and our lifestyle.

Always remember, though, that the only thing that we can do that will make them kill more people is to allow it to happen. The only way we can change what they do is to actively prevent them from reaching their targets. We need to remain vigilant and we need to clearly show the terrorists and the Islamists that we won't allow them to take away the freedom our founding fathers and mothers fought hard for. We need to be worthy of that heritage and fight tyranny in any form. And that includes fighting terrorism.

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