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Sunday, December 2, 2012

"I'm not an anti-Semite -- I just hate Israel"


During a time when Israel is suffering daily attacks on her population centers, there are still people who are calling for Israel's condemnation, protesting in front of Israeli embassies and consuls, and generally blaming Israel for all the problems in the Middle East if not all the problems in the entire world.

I was wondering what it is about Israel that inspires so much ire. What is it? It can't be that Israel is the Jewish State. After all, a large percentage of Jews condemn Israel. It can't be that Israel is the Jewish State. Ask anyone who condemns Israel. They insist they aren't anti-Semites, just anti-Israel. So, obviously I'm missing something. I must be missing something that makes Israel such a horrible place that Israel deserves more censure than that bastion of civil rights, China, that oasis of free speech, Iran, that wellspring of liberty, Syria. There must be something about the "Palestinians" that makes them more worthy of support than the Christians in Darfur, women in Afghanistan and Iran, Tibetans under Chinese occupation. What is it I'm missing?

What am I missing that makes Hamas a more appropriate governing body than the democratically elected Israeli Government? Why is it better for the world to have Hamas controlling "The Gaza Strip" by turning it into a missile launching pad to lob bombs on population centers and then hide behind their own civilians so that when Israel goes to protect her citizens, residents and guests, all the reporters and photographers see is dead Hamas citizens? Why does the world want to doom the "Palestinian" people to a country run by Hamas?

If people truly cared about the "Palestinians", they would support Israel. Israel sends aid to the "Palestinians",treats "Palestinian" (and other Arab/Muslims) with more respect than Hamas. If people truly cared about the people in the Middle East they would support Israel. But, the truth is, they truly are anti-Semites, they truly do hate Israel simply because it is the Jewish State. There is truly no other reason to hate Israel and no other reason to so zealously support Hamas and Fatah. Israel is the only Jewish country in the world. Why is it so vilified? Because it is the Jewish State. That's the only reason. It doesn't matter how much the anti-Israel "crowd" insists they aren't anti-Semitic.

Listen to the words that come out of the mouths of the Israel haters. They sound a lot like the words that came out of the mouths of the French people when French Jew Alfred Dreyfus was framed for treason. They didn't say, "Kill the Traitor" or even "Kill the Jew" (which would have been bad enough). They said, "Kill the Jews" in the plural. Even if Dreyfus HAD been guilty (he was exonerated when the real traitor was uncovered), that would have been an anti-Semitic thing to say.

So let's call an anti-Semite an anti-Semite. If you condemn Israel, particularly if you let other countries "off the hook", you ARE an anti-Semite.