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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sitting Ducks in Southern Israel


Retaliation; the word itself conjures up visions of posses hanging mostly innocent people from tree branches. It's a "gut" word, designed to make people think that the "retaliater" is a vigilante, lawless, fighting tit-for-tat.

So the news led with "Israel Retaliates" -- excuse me? Buried in the middle of this story is the fact that there was a terror attack near the Egyptian border during which "Palestinian" terrorists (not "militants") attacked civilians and killed 7 and wounded 25 with guns and bombs. Israel, for some ridiculous "public relations" reason, doesn't attack the strongholds of her enemies when they find out where the terrorists hide; they wait until after people are murdered.

These are not "retaliations" any more than the Nuhrenberg trials and executions were retaliation or the execution of mass murderers like Ted Bundy or Gary Gilmore were retaliation. This is a country's just right to protect itself and its citizens; its visitors, guests and foreign workers.

It was very clear from the tenor of the stories what the media thinks of Israel having the audacity to kill the terrorist leaders who are murdering their people. Just like the Jews have done for generations and centuries, we're just supposed to die.

It is very important, though, not only for Israel and her citizens, not only for all the people in Israel, not only for all the Jews in the world, but for all freedom loving people in the world, that Israel fight back, that Israel destroy the vipers' nests where the terrorists hide, that Israel take back Gush Katif, and that Israel do all these thing unapologetically. Israel shouldn't even attempt to make the world's Muslim apologists understand. The media has its own reasons for writing slanted articles (The Slander of Israel and its Trigger for Antisemitism at the bottom of this link's page tells it all quite well, in my humble opinion). Yes, it would be nice if we could get the people who are "on the fence" to understand why the survival of the free world hinges on the survival of Israel. But there are those who we will never convince. We just need to defend ourselves and fight G-d's fight. G-d will protect us if we meet him halfway and work to defend our people, our nation and our land. G-d gave us this land and only G-d can take it away. And that is why we need to continue to fight and pray for our land and to keep the whole world free.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's Wait for the Butter.......


I admit it -- I'm a Trekkie. I'm not really super into sci-fi in general, but I am a Trekkie. I sort of have this fantasy about what would happen if all those of us who support Israel could transport ourselves to another planet just long enough to allow the Radical Jihadists to do whatever they want.

We would need to transport with us supplies and equipment for the next few years (though I'm not even sure it would take that long, but just in case) and a good telescope/observatory because we would need to keep an eye on goings on on the planet earth.

So, one of the members of our group (possibly one of our intrepid reporters or bloggers) would keep an eye on things and report back to the group (our own little commune or kibbutz and we could all kibbitz (gossip) about it.

We'd be keeping an eye on things; the Islamists would now have no one to stand up to them; their route would be unfettered. They would come into Europe and Asia and Africa and even the Americas and introduce Sharia law. Women would regularly be killed because they do "dishonorable" things like speaking their minds or not wearing Burkhas. Very soon there would be fewer and fewer women to bear the next generation; there will begin to be a glut of men with no women to marry (and subjugate).

Add to this, since the Radical Jihadists really don't contribute anything positive to this world, there would be no technology, no agriculture, no industry, no art. The available food supply would soon run out.

We probably wouldn't even have to unpack our supplies before the Shi'ites would attack the Sunnis and the Sunnis would attack the Shi'ites. Like a very smart young Indian boy in a story I heard many times when I was a child, all we have to do is sit up in the tree until the Tigers turn to butter.

We could then come back to earth and build a more moral world, a world G-d would be proud of.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Terror Firma or "Norway or the Highway"


Absent the fact that the "Palestinians" (as a term referring to the people who are ethnically, religiously, culturally, linguistically identical to all the other Arab/Muslims living in the 22 or so countries, most of which dwarf Israel in size, surrounding Israel, who just so happen to be living in Israel) are a contrived people. Absent the fact that these same people have proven that they do not deserve a country of their own (since they took the land, Gaza, that was handed over to them on a silver platter, the land that its previous residents turned into a garden spot, and turned it into a launching pad for missiles aimed at population centers of Israel). Absent the fact that the people living in those areas under control of the "Palestinian Authority" live in fear, woman are murdered for the flimsiest reasons, gays are murdered just for being gay, Jews who accidentally find themselves there are brutally slaughtered. Absent that the people called "Palestinians" were only "created" and called "Palestinians" so that they could claim that Israel was their land not Israel's, that the coins and stamps and other artifacts from that area of the world that are labeled "Palestine" are proof that they belong there (not that these artifacts were created by the Jews who lived in the British run "Palestine" – what Israel was called before 1948 – pre-statehood).

Even if the "Palestinians" actually had a good claim to the area (which they clearly do not), Terrorism is unacceptable. Terrorism is the murder of innocent people so as to keep people living in fear so that they will be willing to give you anything to get you to stop. Terrorism shows a total lack of respect for life, a total lack of morality. Terrorism should be fought with every ounce of our strength, with our militia and our media outlets. We should never permit anyone to justify the murder of innocent people.

When Norway experienced two terrorist attacks in one day (the Islamists were so used to performing terrorist activities that one or two groups jumped up to take credit for it), instead of using it as a learning tool (as many in the United States did when we were attacked on 9/11 almost 10 years ago) to try to understand what Israel lives with on a day to day basis, they used it as yet another excuse to verbally attack Israel. The Norwegian ambassador to Israel said, basically, that Israel deserves to be attacked but Norway doesn't. (see this article by Alan Dershowitz)

By justifying terrorism (against anyone), Norway helps to create an environment where terrorism is seen as an acceptable way of dealing with people who don't agree with you. Let me explain – the Islamists don't use terrorism because they are truly being suppressed by Israel or the US, they are using terrorism because we steadfastly refuse to live as they do, we steadfastly refuse to suppress others, we steadfastly cling to our beliefs and our way of life and our multiculturalism.

By legitimizing terrorism and deligitimizing Israel, Norway is contributing to an environment where terrorism is acceptable, where terrorists are respected. Terrorists ought to be eliminated, not lionized or given a "pass" (as in "well, this terrorism is acceptable, only this terrorism is reprehensible").

Clearly, anti-Semites want everything to be Israel's fault and will continue to blame Israel even though this can hurt them!. These anti-Semites ignore the Islamists' terror against the Islamists' own people. These anti-Semites ignore the Islamists' terror against the anti-Semites' own fellow country-people. They ignore it at their own peril, and ours.

Israel's major mistake is not defending herself and her citizens and guests better. By giving in to the extortionists, the blackmailing terrorists, we only encourage more terrorism, more extortion, more blackmail. The Israeli electorate voted in Sharon because he promised to not give away Gush Katif (aka Gaza). He betrayed them. They voted in Bibi (Netanyahu) because he promised to not give away Judea and Samaria. It remains to be seen, right now, whether he will betray us and turn Israel into one big bull's-eye. It remains to be seen, right now, whether Bibi has the strength of character to stand up to the haters, the anti-Semites, the “freedom fighters” (that is, the people who fight against freedom) like his brother did. But, giving Hamas the gift of land isn't going to bring peace, and it isn't helping anyone except the despots who rule the region.

So that brings us back to Norway. They are so wrapped up in their hatred that they can't see the forest OR the trees. They don't understand (or don't want to understand) that, by blaming Israel that they are encouraging terrorism in the world. They are encouraging the political extortion that Hamas and Al Qaida and every other terrorist group is afflicting the world populous with. They are encouraging a world where terrorists are considered partners for peace and the nation that wants peace most in the world (Israel, for those of you who can't figure it out) is hounded as an "Apartheid State" and "Racist", where the true haters (like Ahmadinejad) are lionized and feted by the "peaceful" United Nations (aka "Nations United against Israel"). And they say Israel deserves the terrorism? Orwell's "1984" is alive and well and living in Norway. And we need to fight them. We need to fight the haters, we need to fight the propaganda. We need to re-educate people. And we need to do it now.