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Monday, May 30, 2011

Cheapening English Words


My best friend, Michelle Nevada told me about some students who attend traditionally black universities. They got fed up with people calling Israel an "Apartheid" State because this cheapens the word Apartheid, cheapens the experience the South African Blacks went through under the cruel minority White regimes of the late 20th Century (over 40 years).

Apartheid, by the way, isn't the only word that is being cheapened these days. Every anti-Israel bigot is saying that Israel is committing "Genocide" against the "Palestinian" people (by the way, from the early 20th century, possibly even earlier, until 1948, when Israeli statehood was declared by the United Nations, the "Palestinian" people were Jews living in "Palestine"). I submit to you readers that if Israel is trying to commit "Genocide" , which Webster's on line defines as, "the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group" Israel's been doing a really bad job of it (I saw this way of putting this as a comment on line to someone saying that "far too many Palestinians have been killed" though true numbers were missing -- I submit to you that the reason these figures are hard to come by but the number of people killed on the Israeli side are relatively easy to locate is that anti-Israel anti-Semites want to obfuscate the true numbers because the true numbers don't mesh with their bigoted tirades). The "Palestinian" population has grown over the years we've supposedly been "committing Genocide" possibly by as much as tenfold, but even by conservative estimates, at least 4-5 fold) whereas the Jewish population plummeted (by about 1/3) during the holocaust. And, I might add, Israel's supposedly been committing this horrible anti-Palestinian Genocide for 60 years, whereas the Nazis managed to decimate the Jewish population of Europe in 7 or so years. Do they really think that a country as technologically advanced as Israel wouldn't be able to accomplish what the Nazis did if they wanted to? (I might add, if we were trying to commit Genocide against the "Palestinian" people, why would we heal them in our hospitals, using precious time and supplies that could serve our own people. I also might add that countries like Haiti (post earthquake), Chile (miners incident) and Japan (post earthquake, tidal wave, nuclear meltdown, etc.) have all lauded Israel and how quickly Israel sent out humanitarian aid -- I don't recall any of them telling of aid from Egypt, Syria, oil-filthy-rich Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, etc.

I remember, in the days of the 6 day war and the Yom Kippur war all the political cartoons comparing Israel to David and the Arab countries to Goliath and how Israel winning those wars was comparable to David slaying Goliath. I think today's cartoon should be a huge David (representing the "underdog" 22 Arab/Muslim nations in the Middle East) and a tiny Goliath (representing the "evil" tiny little, struggling to survive against her enemies, nation of Israel). The way we're fighting these days, worrying too much about "political correctness" and public opinion (both home and abroad) and a sanitized militaristic proto-Arafat-in-a-suit and not enough about the survival of Israelis in general and Jews worldwide, "David" might defeat us.

Words are very important; they sway public opinion Israel is definitely losing the war of "public opinion". We need to stand up to the word-perverts. We need to reestablish the proper meaning of words, to make sure the world understands that the "Palestinian Authority" practices a prejudice and hatred far closer to both Apartheid and Genocide than does the multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious Israel.

(Thank you to my Facebook friend Valerie for starting me on this by linking to Anna O'Leary and her "Israel is committing Genocide" tirade on Facebook)

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