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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Score is Muslims 1, Ground Zero


My friend Shelomo was invited to Gracie Mansion (the home of the Mayor on New York City -- in this case, Michael Bloomberg) as a leader in the Jewish community. Shelomo confronted the Mayor about the proposed Mosque to be built at Ground Zero. I'll let Shelomo tell his story  since he tells it much better than I could (after you read his story, come back here).

Anyway, I was SO incensed by the Mayor's response, and so upset that he was considering permitting this dishonor to the people who died when the towers went down that I wrote this and e-mailed it to the Mayor:


I really don't understand how you could dishonor the 9/11 dead and their families and everyone who was affected by this horrible act of terrorism by even considering allowing a Muslim group to claim their "victory over NY and the US" at the very site they murdered thousands. How could you ignore the pleas of your constituents, the voices of the dead, the sworn words of our enemies to destroy us, and all the people murdered by terrorists?

It's easy to say "never again" when someone talks of The Holocaust. But some of us have the opportunity to do something about it; some of us have the opportunity to prevent another Holocaust. You have that opportunity right now and you are squandering it. You are allowing the murderers to win. How could you?

I hope we can start a campaign to make the Mayor see that this is not "PC" -- it's cowardly, it's disrespectful and, more importantly, it's suicidal. We can't just roll over and allow people to take away our freedom and our way of life. Let's let the mayor know how we feel!