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Friday, September 9, 2011

9-1-1 -- What's Your Emergency?


I do think it's wonderful that everyone is having a September 11th remembrance day. Yes, I really do. But the best way to remember 9-11 is to do what you can to prevent a recurrence. And that means (drum roll -- this will be really shocking to my regular readers) fighting terrorism. And this is something the elected "leader" of the center of it all, New York City, seems to have forgotten.

New York Mayor Bloomberg, that "bend over backwards" sycophant, who is of the school of thought that is giving the term "politically correct" it's negative connotation, thinks "remembering 9-11" (which, mind you, he undeservingly used to get into the mayor-ship, by riding on the coattails of the true NYC leader at the time, Rudy Giuliani) is inviting the next generation of terrorism teachers, Abdul-Rahman Muhammad, also known as the "Ground Zero Imam", to speak at his "affair". The "Ground Zero Mosque" (aka "The Cordoba Institute") is financed by the same sort of people who finance terrorism. Thank G-d more intelligent opinion prevailed and he was dis-invited (hey, he dissed us, only fair we should dis-invite him). But, while dis-inviting the person who doesn't belong there in the first place, the idiot Mayor dis-invited first responders (except those injured on 9-11) and religious leaders.

On what demented planet is that not making a mockery of the 9-11 experience? On what demented planet is that a normal reaction to criticism? On what demented planet do we coddle the representatives of the very people who destroyed this area in the first place 10 years ago while spurning those who have given others strength and life during those scary days? (If the "Mayor" needs to have a Muslim speak at this event, why not invite someone like Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser? He represents freedom loving true American Muslims.) As bad as the "Mayor"'s support of the ground-zero mosque (aka the monument to the defeat of the Islamists' enemies -- that's us), this puts a poisonous cherry on top of his toxic sundae (or is it "Sunday"?).

Mayor Bloomberg, get a backbone! Stand up to the enemies of Jews, the enemies of women, the enemies of gays, the enemies of freedom of choice, the enemies of freedom of speech, the enemies of freedom of religion, the enemies of freedom. Have a true memorial to 9-11 on this 10th anniversary. And then remember, ever after, who caused your photo-op, who created the space that needed to be filled, who murdered those thousands (and tried on that day, and ever since, to murder more). And stand up to them and fight.