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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Were All Trumped


I am, quite honestly, in shock. This was my nightmare last week and I was so glad it was only a dream. Now it's reality.

I honestly had more faith in the American people. I didn't think they would elect a man who has consistently berated "others" -- disabled people, immigrants, gays, poor people, women. I can't believe that people find Hilary Clinton, a woman who has fought to uplift people, who has already spent 8 years in the White House, 8 years in the Senate and 4 years as Secretary of State, as unqualified to be President. She has weathered the storm of controversy, but the controversy she has had to weather is largely overblown and exaggerated because of her gender, particularly when she was running against a misogynist.

What disheartens me the most is that, despite all his disparaging remarks against women, his groping and excusing it, so many women voted for him. I can't believe the damage his remarks will do, if not to adult women, to the youngest females among us (and the youngest males, who will believe this is the way to behave with women).

I hope my crystal ball is no more accurate than a magic 8 ball, but I see dismantling of programs for young women, dismantling of legal abortion, dismantling of social security and medicare, dismantling of gay marriage, dismantling of the Affordable care act, not to mention Freedom of the Press.

I've been fighting a sexist world since I was in Kindergarten. In all that time, I have lived through Presidents that tried to dismantle women's programs. But Trump is a true sociopath and as President there is no end the disasters he can cause. And that worries me.