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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Create a Spoiled Brat


I have noticed over the past few years or so that, as parents spend more and more time in jobs and less and less time with their children, they often over compensate by giving their children everything they want. What this does is create children who, not only want everything, but ask for things they don't really want just to test their parents. The more they get, the more they want.

So many people are familiar with this scenario that they don't even question it anymore. Perhaps this is why people see nothing strange about expecting Israel to give more land away to the self-same people who they gave Gush Katif (aka Gaza) to and were "rewarded" with shells raining down daily on her citizens.

But I grew up in a more practical generation. I grew up in an age when Mothers never fell for the "but all my friends are 'doing it'" or "everyone will be there" or "if you don't buy me the newest and best video machine I'll hate you". Mothers knew that it didn't do their children any good to give them the impression that they would always get anything they said they wanted. Maybe that (and my knowledge of pre-WWII history) is why I see the immaturity of the constant entitlement expressed by the Muslim world (in particular right now the "Palestinian Authority" aka the terrorist organization in Sheep's clothing, Hamas). I can see how damaging their indolence can be to their own people and to the people of Israel, the US and the rest of the world. And, I am, quite honestly, totally amazed that there aren't more people in the world who don't see this. I am nonplussed by how many people there are out there who think Israel is the villain, Israel is the obstacle to peace. They seem to continue to believe this even after Israel has made all the overtures and concessions while the "Palestinians" have made none.

I feel the need to shake these people and ask them "why"? Why do so many not realize the danger? I can only assume their prejudices and hatreds have blinded them to their own best interest.