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Thursday, August 27, 2015

And I Ran, I Ran so far away......


I'm thinking of writing a story about a big-city mayor sitting down with the area crime boss. After several days behind closed doors, the Mayor comes out of the meeting claiming to have solved the problem of organized crime in the city. The hoods were given license to carry machine guns, and the police were required to defend them if anyone they were threatening were fighting back. The Mayor hailed it as a day of acceptance. 

Most of the people of the city were appalled. They wrote to their City Council members urging them to vote against this ill-advised pact. But the Mayor kept strong-arming the City Council members, particularly the ones who were in his party. Many City Council members, though, even ones from the Mayor's party, started standing up and proclaiming their opposition to the deal, listing their reasons. I don't know yet what will happen with the vote.

I don't know yet what will happen with the vote because the vote hasn't come yet. I don't know yet whether Congress, in each house, will have enough votes to override any presidential veto of the Iran "deal". 

How can anyone think this "deal" will prevent war? How can anyone think that a deal with the devil is good (Haven't they heard of Faust? Haven't they heard of Neville Chamberlain?)? How can anyone out there be thinking it's a good thing to give the "keys to the kingdom" in the form of nuclear weapons to a country who WILL USE THEM -- by their own words. They WILL use nuclear weapons against Israel. They WILL use nuclear weapons against the US. They WILL use nuclear weapons against anyone who doesn't agree with them and their twisted version of Islam. 

I joined "Move-On" many years ago, probably before 9/11 and the visible, growing threat of Radical Islam, because I agreed with their domestic agenda (women's rights, reproductive rights, gay rights, etc.) but they called for members to join a demonstration in front of my usually level-headed, pro-Israel, anti-Terror Democratic Representative to convince him to vote for the treaty from Hell. I hope he isn't swayed, but I worry.

How can so many people be so blinded? How can it take so few people to approve such a far-reaching measure? 

Think about this very carefully, people of the US, Representatives of the people of the US, Senators of the people of the US, DO YOU REALLY WANT THE WORST OF THE WORST TO HAVE WEAPONS THAT CAN DESTROY THE ENTIRE WORLD?