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Friday, April 29, 2011

Articles Articulating a Positive Position


I just read a very good article, well written with points backed up by actual cases. Islam Needs to Prove It's a Religion of Peace. I have been saying for years that I can't understand why people are not only ignoring the peril but actively encouraging the evil-doers to continue while discouraging (and, often actively suppressing) the truth and the brave people who come forward.

I do have one comment about the article, though. The article states, "... How come human rights groups in the West seem to be the only ones protesting against the crimes of radical Muslims?" -- my objection to this statement is that I haven't really seen ANY human rights organization criticizing Muslim extremists (though they are overly "generous" with their criticism of Israel). They seem to ignore extreme human rights violations within the Muslim world while putting the US and Israel under a microscope, searching for things to criticize.

I feel better, though, whenever I see other people (whether they are/were Muslims or grew up in countries where they were persecuted for not being Muslim) bravely standing up to the apologists and the Islamists. Is it Racist to Criticize Islam? is a list of people who either are or were Muslim or were persecuted by Islamists in some form who are coming out against Islamist terror and suppression. I salute all these freedom fighters. I stand with them in their quest for liberty and openness, tolerance and productively, building homes and building bridges.

We need to be vigilant. We need to stand up to the evil. We need to stand up for our freedom. We need to stand up for our lives. We need to stand up for our very existence.

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