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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Gaza Stripped


I just read a very interesting article, Red Cross: No humanitarian crisis in Gaza , which pointed out that even Hamas admits that no one is starving in Gaza. So the thing that is very clear from this is that the only reason people are focusing in on Gaza is that they WANT to believe that Israel is evil and that Israel is causing all sorts of horrors to the people of the world.

The other side of the coin is this: even if you feel the overwhelming need to hate Israel and blame Jews for all the evil in the world, by focusing in on the lie of an economically depressed and persecuted Gazan population you are doing a disservice not only to yourself (by giving aid and comfort to your own enemy, even if only in a verbal way) but you are doing a major disservice to the people of the world who are truly economically depressed and truly persecuted (oftentimes by the self-same enemy that vexes us all but deflects the blame onto Israel). By putting Israel under the microscope, we are ignoring the entire worldwide "laboratory".

I heard from a friend that a gentleman from the Sudan stood up to the United Nations and chastised them for constantly condemning Israel while ignoring the atrocities that the people of the Darfur endure on a regular basis. This is exactly the sort of thing that happens when the world focuses in on a people who think the world revolves around them, that they have a sense of entitlement as a people.

For all of you out there who think that you are being altruistic by supporting the poor downtrodden Palestinians living in squalor in Gaza and the West Bank check out this video about the crisis.

Would that, with my little blog, I could get people to realize the damage they are doing to themselves, the truly needy of the world and freedom loving people everywhere. That bastion of moderation in the Middle East, the country that just got their "despotic" leader to step down, recently arrested and jailed this brave young blogger.

How can we continue to support these people to the detriment of the world? Why can't people see the truth? Is it as simple as anti-Jewish sentiment blinding them to the dangers? Or is it something else?

I wish I knew what it was and I wish I knew how to get the world to see the truth.

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