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Monday, March 28, 2011

Facebook Intifada

For some bizarre reason I have yet to figure out, Facebook is refusing to take down the page called "The Third Intifada" despite it's clear violation of Facebook's own policies against hate speech and threats. And, for an even more bizarre reason, certain hateful people seem to be under the impression that we have no right to complain about this. We have no right to complain that Facebook is violating its own rulebook by allowing (nay, encouraging) them to stay. We have no right to complain that there is a site up on Facebook advocating our murder, slaughter, genocide.

Some day, all the phony liberals should take one of those hate-filled diatribes and substitute any other ethnic, religious or uniquely distinct group for "Jews" or "Israel" or "Israelis" or the ubiquitous "Settlers" (as though the people living in Judea and Samaria, over the "green line" are somehow less than human because of where they choose to live in their own land) and tell me if you think that any respectable newspaper would print it -- particularly those bastions of "Truth, Justice and the Saudi Arabian way", the New York Times.

In any case, when my friend "Michelle Nevada" put up a blog entry about the whole Facebook being the home of the Third Intifada, she got tons of hate comments. I felt the need to add a comment:


It's amazing how full of hate people can be -- so full of hate, they don't even see that they are criticizing (understatement) the people who are good to them and supporting (read: lionizing) the people who will kill them.

I really wish all the haters of the world would boycott Facebook (and anything else that we Jews and the people of Israel have introduced/brought to the world). But they never will because they can lie to too many people, use their anti-Jewish gut to turn them into murderers.

Why don't all you Israel-bashing, Murder loving, "Liberals" (not true liberals, my word has been co-opted by haters) just admit it -- what you really want is for all Jews to disappear from the earth. The problem (for you, anyway) is that G-d, the owner, ruler, creator of the world will never allow that to happen. Read your history, uneducated ones. Hitler wasn't the first who tried. Every generation sees a new "Haman" -- someone (or some many) dedicated to killing us. Thank G-d we have G-d on our side.

I also think it's funny (that's ironic, not ha-ha) that the enemies of Israel feel the need to accuse Israel (falsely, I might add) of all the crimes that Israel's enemies actually do TO Israel. Israeli Babies are murdered (in their beds, in their strollers, in their cars), bombs are dropped, and all this to a country that treats the Palestinian sick and injured, gives Palestinians jobs they can't get in their own "territories", gives Palestinians money and food (since they grow precious little of it on their own).

BTW, if you are pro-women's rights and pro-gay rights, you're demonizing the only Middle East country that also supports those issues and lionizing the people who murder and torture women and gays (to mention a few groups).

Put that in your pipe and smoke it (as they used to say on "Laugh-In").

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Daeson said...

Palestinians are the current name for phylistines and even when the come into the israel land they just went in to 'use' the land and acting as all other surrounding cultures not caring about the isrelites but just their ability to take from another group. Israel was told to keep the land and follow good practice given by Jehovah and the land would provide for them and they were not to look to others who were taking what they did not tend to. I agree on the post's assessment of the palestinians of today as always asking for help not helping themselves.