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Sunday, March 27, 2011

It' a Gas, Gas, Gas.....


My friend "Michelle Nevada" told me a number of years ago that she knew someone who gotten a kit and converted his car to run on natural gas instead of petroleum based gasoline. His gas company installed a spigot on the side of his house and he used that to fill his car up with gas. The natural gas was not only cheaper than gasoline, it didn't need to be procured from politically corrupt and volatile governments. As Michelle said, the US is the Saudi Arabia of natural gas. In addition, Israel recently discovered natural gas.

Israel found this large quantity of natural gas near Haifa. I though about this for some time. For the US and Israel, both of whom rely heavily on foreign oil from volatile, largely anti-Israel and anti-US governments, natural gas seems to be the wave of the future.

It has seemed to me for many years that part of the "imbalance of power" that exists in the world today has to do with the economics of petroleum. Petroleum, however, besides being under the control, for the most part, of the aforementioned unstable regimes, and being highly toxic in its production (evidence the BP spill of recent memory) and use, should not be pursued by the US and Israel. I've always thought it would behoove Israel, with her concentration of great scientific brains, should expend some effort in developing a sustainably produced, non-toxic substitute for gasoline (a substitute that could immediately replace gasoline as a power source for automobiles.

However, given the above information, I think that, instead of working hard at developing electric cars, we should be working on developing cars that run off natural gas.

I would like to get people on board with this idea -- let me know what you think.

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