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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Looking in the Right Place


I was reminded recently of a joke I heard when I was younger. Abie is walking home one night. As he gets near his home, he sees Jakie circling frantically around a street light, appearing to be looking for something. "Are you ok?" Abie asks Jakie. "Yes," answers Jakie, "I'm ok, but I lost my keys." Abie starts helping him to look, but after a short time, he doesn't see anything. "Are you sure you lost them here," Abie asks Jakie. "Oh, no," answers Jakie, standing up and pointing further down the block, "I dropped them over there." Abie looks puzzled. "So why are you looking here?" he asks Jakie. "Oh, it's too dark over there to see anything!"

I, too, am concerned about the "Palestinian" people. I am concerned that their leaders are stealing money and supplies sent in by Israel and many other countries and well-meaning organizations. I, too, am concerned about the children growing up, being fed nothing but lies and hatred, not being taught, as children around the world are, to eventually be able to support themselves financially.

But for the most part, most of the people in the Western world (for some bizarre reason) think that to help these people they need Israel to do something (maybe give up more of their tiny country, a country about the size of New Jersey and more densely populated that her surrounding enemies). They think, despite evidence to the contrary (as in Israel handed over Gush Katif (Israel's enclave in the Gaza Strip) to the "Palestinian" Authoritarian, uh, I mean Authority. Instead of turning it into a nice place for their people to live, Hamas turned the area into a missile launching pad. Hamas's goal is not to make a good life for their people; Hamas's goal is to destroy Israel (and the Western world).

What I truly don't understand is how people who care about other people; people who support women's rights, gay rights, human rights (in general), animals rights; people who want to help the downtrodden; people who support Western freedom and democracy, can support such a hate-mongering, such a selfish, such a despotic leadership. How can they support the oppression of others, the suppression of rights, the expression of the most virulent animosity, the antithesis of peace, love and understanding (catch that, Mr. Costello????).

What puzzles me the most is how people can support these people to their own detriment. How can they allow terror-mongering Islamists to populate their countries without reservation? How can they permit them to impose Sharia law in their countries that used to be devoted to freedom and equality?

We need to stop being like Jakie, looking for his keys where he knows they aren't. We have to look for the answer in the right place.

We have the capability of defeating them now, but if we continue to kowtow to them, it is like handing our countries over to them, handing our daughters and sisters (and ourselves) over to be raped. We need to fight NOW or be defeated tomorrow.

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