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Thursday, December 2, 2010

In Memorium (and a Prayer for the Injured)


Yael Levine, whom I know from the internet, wrote this beautiful prayer for those injured during the fire today in the area of Haifa.

(Transliteration: Misheberakh Avoteinu Avraham Yitzhak v'Yaakov v'Imahoteinu Sara Rivka Rahael v'Lea Hu y'varekh yishmor v'yintzor et kol ha'petzuim b'sreifa b'Haifa u'b's'vivata v'yishlah lahem refua shleima min hashamayim l'hol evreihem u'l'hol gideihem. Melekh Malkhei HaMelakhim Ya'aleh lahem Marpei Arukha Marpei Hayyim Marpei Shalom va'ya'amideim al Buryam v'al m'khonam. HaKadosh Barukh Hu y'malei aleihem rahamim l'hazkam u'l'amtzam, Heim u'mishpehotam vivaser lahem v'lanu b'sorot tovot yeshuot v'nahamot [Shabbat Hi M'Lizok u'refua k'rova lavo] Hashta b'agala u'vizman kariv nomar amein.)

I will try to translate this, but I feel I won't do justice to the beautiful Hebrew:

May He Who Blessed our fathers Avraham Yitzhak and Yaakov and our mothers Sara Rivka Rahael and Lea He should bless and guard over and save all those attacked/injured in the fire in Haifa and its surroundings and [G-d] should send them a complete recovery from heaven to all their limbs and vessels (veins and arteries). May the king of kings raise up for them a complete cure, a cure of life, a cure of peace and they should be raised on a foundation of health. The Holy One Blessed be He should be full of mercy for them, should strengthen them, they and their families, and we should receive from them good news, news of salvation and comfort [for Shabbat: Shabbat calls out for a healing that comes soon] this year and in a close time and we should say "amein".

May G-d protect the people of the land of Israel, the land of Israel and the Nation of Israel. May Hashem bring justice for Israel and to the enemies of Israel and the free world.

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