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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dejection Day


When I was younger, I used to call the day after the first Monday in November "Dejection Day" because, quite often the candidate I wanted was defeated. But lately I have another reason.

I know I've said this before. But lately elections have seemed to me like a World Series between the Yankees and the Braves (my two least favorite teams). I have a choice between one group, who hates Israel, supports the Palestinians, and follows Barak Obama's agenda on the Middle East, which is delegitimizing Israel and legitimizing the Palestinian claim to the land that Jews have called "home" ever since the children of Israel were exiled by the Romans in 70 of the common era and another group who support Israel, but oftentimes they have an agenda, one that I have an issue with. Oftentimes, these people want to make abortion a crime, give tax breaks to the rich, destroy social security, medicare, welfare and other social programs.

Where I live, I don't have to worry too much -- my local representatives and senators are in a third group: one that supports Israel and doesn't have the conservative agenda. But I worry about the other representatives and senators from the rest of the country.

I continue to hope that there will be more people in the federal government who will support Israel and make sure those citizens who can't take care of themselves will be taken care of without putting undue financial pressure on the middle class.

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