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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why are we so concerned about the opinions of others?????


When I was very young, I really respected the United Nations. The original intention of the UN was noble -- to prevent world war. After two bloody world wars, this was an honorable aspiration.

But somewhere along the way the intention got hijacked by the totalitarian terrorist bloc and its sycophants. It is this group that has decided that there is nothing that either the United States or Israel can do that the members of this group will not only not agree with, there is nothing either country can do that they will even fail to condemn.

Toward this end, they ignore the evil done to Israel in the form of terrorism, murder, bombing of civilians, etc. They will criticize Israel's attempts to protect herself and her citizens (and, by extension, every Jew on the planet). They will chastise Israel for attempting to keep bombs out of Gaza, expecting Israel's government and military to just sit there like ducks in a Coney Island shooting game.

So when Turkey's new Islamist (yeah, yeah, so he says he's a moderate, but, to paraphrase a cliche, actions do speak louder than rhetoric. When a so-called ""moderate" starts buddying up to the most notorious Holocaust-denying anti-Israel anti-Jewish leader on in the world, it's hard to imagine him as a "moderate". But, for all intents and purposes, what separates a "moderate" in the Arab/Islamist world from a "radical" is how out-in-the-open he is about his desire to destroy Israel and kill every Jew. By the way, what separates a "moderate" from a "reactionary" in Israel is whether or not he is willing to protect his land. The "reactionaries" are the ones who don't want to lie down and die. The "moderates" don't want to fight for their own survival.) leader decided that he had to "help the poor Palestinians" by sending "humanitarian aid", the Israelis, who are understandably skeptical, having been burned more than once by "humanitarian aid" hiding bombs or bombers or other methods designed to massacre as many  Israelis and guests of Israel as possible, ask the boats delivering this "humanitarian aid" to follow them to Ashdod, where Israeli officials could check the shipment and make sure there wasn't anything untoward in the shipment. That's when all hell breaks loose. The boats refuse, Israeli commandos board the boats (which is within their right by international law), "humanitarians" on the boats attack the Israeli commandos with metal rods, baseball bats and, oh, yes, knives. Of course, despite this, the commandos were criticized by the world press for attacking the attackers in an effort to defend themselves.

From my perspective, it would be best for Israel, her leaders and the entire Jewish population of the world (not to mention all the Gentiles who live in Israel, work in Israel, worship in the way they feel comfortable in Israel) to simply ignore public opinion, to ignore what the members of the United Nations say and concern themselves more with defending the homes and lives of their citizens. I've been waiting for Israel to realize that survival depends on defending our land. I hope that day comes before it's too late.

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