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Saturday, September 4, 2010

For the Times, they aren't a-changing.....


The news of another terror attack recently hit cyberspace. It was a brutal murder of a couple and two other people (one was a teacher and mother) in the חברון (Hevron -- Hebron) area.

עד מתי (ad matai -- until when) will the leadership (and I use the term loosely) of Israel continue to allow the enemy in its own backyard?

Despite the brutality of these murders, despite the pregnant mother and the children left without parents, the special ed children left without a teacher, despite all this, the NY Times chooses to blame the "settlements" and, by extension, the "settlers". I've been to places beyond the "green line" (believe me, there's no green line down the center of the highway). They don't look like "settlements" to me. To me, the term "settlements" conjures up a picture of tents or mobile homes on unfinished roads. But what I have seen is homes, family houses, small businesses, cars, buses, synagogues, trees and plants (including fruit trees), pets, children playing in finished parks, basically the sort of towns we are all used to in the US and the Western World.

It's amazing to me that so many supposedly intelligent people feel the need to blame all the troubles of the world on Israel and the Jews. There are only about 13.3 million Jews in a world of 6.5 billion. This is approximately .2% of the world's population. That is 1/433 or for every Jew in the world, there are 433 non-Jews. So really, how logical is it to say that 15 million Jews are oppressing 1.5 billion Muslims. Add to this, the 15 million Jews (a bit more than 1/3 of whom are actually living in Israel).

The strangest things about this are 1) ask most Americans how many Jews there are in this country and you'll probably get some really inflated answer (like 50 million?) and 2) you get these people who claim they don't want all the Jews in the world dead, but they don't want us living in their country and they don't want us to have our own country. HUH????? How do they reconcile that???? Israel, in their eyes, is evil and logic doesn't enter into it.

And now, lately, I've been seeing things on the net that are very disturbing -- Organized Afghani Pedophilia; a new group of home-grown terrorists being recruited in US prisons;
Iran building nuclear bombs; the list just goes on and on. People are sitting back and allowing it to happen. Michael Bloomberg really doesn't understand (or want to understand????) what he's allowing to happen with the building of this mosque.

Bibi (Netanyahu) doesn't seem to be doing much better. This is a man who has made a name for himself on the coattails of his soldier brother, Yonatan,'s death at the Israeli raid on Entebbe. I wish he would remember what things were like after Entebbe. I wish he would remember the pride we all felt when the Israeli military saved all those people.

But for now, Bibi needs to hang tough at the "Peace Talks" and tell Abbas and Obama that Israel has security needs and all the Jews, nay, all the people in the world, depend on Israel's survival, whether they know it or now. He needs to remember that we look to him for guidance and support and safety. I pray he has the chutzpah to stand up for us all.

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Leora said...

Bloomberg's businesses in Dubai are doing better than elsewhere.