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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wolf in Cleric Clothing


The whole "tiff" about the Mosque at Ground Zero comes down to one basic thing: Is this a religious freedom issue?

The people who support building the Mosque think that this will be a nice little place for people to "hang" like a cross between a Church or Synagogue and a community center. This is just not the case!!!!

Nancy Pelosi told San Francisco-based radio station KCBS, "There is no question that there's a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some [sic]. I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded."

Funded??? I'm not quite sure what funding she's talking about. I know I open up my facebook page every day and see something else about this issue. There is no funding that I can see, that's for sure. All I see is people who don't want a symbol of the terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center right there at the graveyard of the twin towers and the three thousand people who died that day.

And as for "making this a political issue", I'm sorry, but those of us who oppose the Ground Zero Mosque didn't make it a political issue. It IS a political issue. It's the developers of the Mosque who are trying to obscure the politics of this issue by crying "religious persecution" which is absurd.

Islamists in general and the developers of the "Ground Zero Mosque" in particular have created a bastard child of religion. They have created a political entity that masquerades as a religion. They use our freedoms, our democracy, to erode our liberty and security.

What makes it most clear that this is a political statement is that the Governor offered state (financial) support if they would just move the mosque anywhere that wouldn't offend the sensibilities of the people who, like me, are opposed to this project.

The name "Cordoba House" and "The Cordoba Initiative" are known code for conquest of peaceful people. The terrorists are "marking their space", showing the world what they intend for the future of the planet. Read this article by an Iraqi born American Muslim writer for more about the name "Cordoba" and its historical significance. (Read here for more on this.)

But there is another story I think New Yorkers in specific and Americans in general need to read or remind themselves of. It's a cute little story told by Vergil over 2000 years ago. It's the story of the Trojan Horse.

I am beginning to feel like Cassandra, the prophetess who no one believed. It is clear that, besides being a way of marking their victory over New York, this Mosque (and mosques across America teaching hatred and radical Islamist theology) are truly a 21st Century "Trojan Horse", a "gift" with conquerors inside, a place to teach the people who will overthrow our government and our way of life.

I understand it's hard to get your head around the idea that not everyone in the world sees our lifestyle as good, that not everyone in the world has the same basic ideals of good and evil that we Americans have, but we have to be vigilant, we can't allow the enemy to get strong enough to defeat us right in our own backyard. But if we allow them an anchor in the place that they destroyed in 2001 we are giving them another victory. And we're putting another nail in the coffin of Democracy, Freedom and Western values.

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Leora said...

Good post. Never thought I'd see the day you are quoting Pam Geller...keep going.