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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Popularity Contest


Imagine your a teenager. In your class is this very popular young woman. Everyone wants to be like her, everyone wants to be in her circle of friends. People dress like her, people sit near her in classes and at lunch.

She, on the other hand, doesn't even realize how popular she is. Even though she dresses like she just walked out of a Vogue pictorial, she asks her circle of friends every day, "how do I look? Does this outfit look good on me?" She is always looking for validation.

There are a bunch of people who want to be like her, but they don't like her. So whenever she asks one of her inferiority complex questions, they purposely lie to her. They purposely play on her insecurities. They tell her her clothes don't match, they tell her she looks fat, they tell her she's ugly and stupid. And, because of how badly she's been abused over the years by people who were jealous of her brains, beauty and style, she believes them and thinks she's stupid and ugly.

Have any of you known a popular young woman like that? Well, I know two: The US and Israel.

If you go around the world, in just about every country, what do you find? People trying to live like "Americans". Between the jeans, the McDonalds and other fast food restaurants, the elections (that try to emulate our elections here in the US but never quite make it), you can see people want to live like "Americans". But the governments of these countries, from Europe, to South America, to the Middle East and other areas, people criticize every step our government takes. We deserved the 9/11 attacks, these people claim. HUH?????

It's the same with Israel. People come to Israel from Europe to use the mud and swim in the Dead Sea (it's good for their skin). People come to Israel from Christian countries on pilgrimages to Christian shrines and places of interest (which the Israeli government protects, but the PA destroys). People from eastern Asia come to Israel for jobs. And people from other Middle Eastern countries envy Israel's standard of living and freedom and equality for all citizens.

So why are the US and Israel trying to please the world? They are already trying to emulate us. They already think we're the best. Their actions should speak louder than their words.

Why are the US and Israel putting up with the United Nations and their one-sided sanctions? Why doesn't the US kick the UN out of NY? Why is Israel trying to please a world that will never be pleased by her actions?

Let's stop listening to the anti-American crowd. Let's stop listening to the people trying to hide their anti-Jewish feelings behind anti-Israel lies. Let's stop caring what the world thinks of us. They're too envious of our way of life to ever admit they want to be like us.

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