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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Pope "heart" s Palestinians


The first thing the Pope said when he entered Israel was that a Palestinian state should be established. HUH????? I guess he hasn't seen what the "Palestinian Authority" aka the murdering terrorists known as "Hamas" have done to the former Gush Katif (aka the present launching site of explosive shells on population centers for Israel, most notably, but not exclusively, Sderot). Gush Katif was a beautiful area. The Israelis had turned it into a garden spot, literally. This desert community was growing hydroponic organic produce for use all over Israel. And now?????

Haven't the "ethnically identical Arabic people generally referred to as Palestinians" proven beyond a shadow of a doubt (not the trial point of beyond a reasonable doubt, but even further into the "no doubt" area) that they are NOT ready for self-rule, that they are NOT ready for their own country? Haven't these people proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the sole, singular and only reason they want a "Palestinian" state is that they want it instead of Israel?

Really? Wow. What a concept. A group of people totally identical in language, culture (and I use that term VERY loosely), ethnicity, religion, etc. to every other group in the region (EXCEPT for the people in the tiny, eensy-weensy country of Israel, smaller than the state of New Jersey, which is, BTW, 46th in area of the 50 US states, which is peopled by Jews of every race and creed, Christians, Muslims, and other Gentiles also of every race and creed) want to be the ONLY ethnic group in the region, want to remove the ONLY group, tiny as it is, from what they have decided is their land (read: the entire earth.....). So they make up a name using the geographical area's old colonial name, making it seem as though they, not the current residents, are the "True" residents of this ancient land and guess what? The world (especially Europe and the Pope) fall for their c**p hook, line and sinker.

Come on, people, think about it..... Tell me about those "ancient Palestinians" -- Did they speak "Palestinian"? If so, can you tell me a few words of this language??? What did this "once proud" people do? Tell me about their history, literature, way of life.....

What, you can't???? Could that possibly be because the existence of the "Palestinian people" as an ethnically separate people is a myth! That's right. It's a myth.

So stop feeling sorry for these people (except for having their brains and their lives controlled by demagogues who want to keep them in refugee camps so they can use them as a tool to destroy Israel). Stop recommending, calling for, demanding a "Palestinian State". It will only lead to Israel's destruction, and the subjugation of these people by their own leaders. It will also lead to the destruction of the free world as the enemies of peace and freedom become emboldened to complete their "final solution" (which doesn't stop with the Jews) which is the subjugation of the entire world as the world becomes one big Sharia State.

G-d forbid.

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