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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I hate to say "I told you so" but.....


I try not to be the sort of person who says "I told you so". But there are just some times that I feel the need to remind people that I warned them.

In one of my previous blog entries (The Fault Lies Not in our Stars) dated April 23, 2008, I gave an analogy to what happens with Israel in the press and in the world.

Interestingly enough, this analogy is precisely what happened during the recent Gaza War. Israel is required, by public opinion and the opinion of the world press (including some of Israel's own journalists) to endure every attack on her people -- every homicide bomber, every falling missile, every soldier kidnapping/torture/murder, every personal attack/murder, every school or Yeshiva attack/mass murder -- without a preemptive strike, without a defensive attack, without a complaint or a whimper. All this is required of a people who comprise such a tiny percentage of the world population. (Jews make up about .2% of the world's population -- Muslims make up somewhere around 17% to 23% of the world's population, depending on whose estimate of the Muslim population you take.)

It seems rather ironic to me that people feel that, to be open-minded and politically correct, they need to bend over backwards to a group that makes up 17% to 23% of the world's population while criticizing and lambasting the group that makes up .2% of the world's population (mind you, this means, basically, that there are around 100 times as many Muslims as Jews).

So, keep in mind whenever you read those articles saying what horrible people the Israelis are and how they are overreacting and how the numbers of "Palestinians" killed is disproportionate (notice how they never count in this total all the Israelis murdered during the two intifadas or the difference between Israeli civilians, who are easily separated from the military, and Palestinian civilians, who are used to protect their cowardly leaders from harm because they know the Israelis don't want to kill civilians -- but I digress....) that Israel is defending herself and her citizens and her visitors from the hatred and murder of a racist, xenophobic, militaristic, misogynistic regime that keeps it's own people in squalor so that they can feed on hatred and death, so they can be their willing sacrificial lambs marching to slaughter, their own slaughter and that of their victims. Keep in mind when you are bombarded with anti-Jewish (masquerading as anti-Israel -- make no mistakes, anti-Israel is anti-Jewish -- if it weren't, people wouldn't be criticizing Israel for defending herself and they would be much more concerned about Darfur and other places where Muslims are killing Christians and other non-Muslims) Israel-criticism in the media that Israel would be the first to live in peace if her neighbors would stop attacking. Israel would like nothing more than to not lose the best and bravest of her people. Israel would like nothing more than to be left alone. But that's not the reality Israelis live in. That's not the reality we in the US live in. This is not the reality of the world as it is today in the 21st secular century in a post 9-11 world.

When the paradigm shifts and peace is beloved by all, then Israelis can lay down their guns. But, while I pray for this paradigm shift, I don't expect it in my lifetime. So I act accordingly.

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