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Sunday, January 25, 2009

NY is the UNcity....


Someone commented on one of the comments I made on the Muslims Against Sharia blog (I mostly agreed with what (s)he had to say, (see the comments on the bottom of this page) but I felt the need to comment anyway...) and this is what I answered:

I personally think the UN has outlived its usefulness as a peace keeping organization. I'm beginning to understand the wisdom of the US not joining the League of Nations (Wilson to the contrary notwithstanding) after WWI.

The problem, as I see it, with the UN is that blocs of nations (such as the former Warsaw bloc and the current Arab/Muslim bloc) can easily co opt the organization and, together with other blocs that are afraid to "anger" them, the business of the UN becomes trying to get the one country that would live in peace without anyone else's intervention, condemning that country and forcing her to make unhealthy (from a security perspective) concessions (like freeing murderous criminal terrorists from prisons so they can kill again and allow an avowed enemy to get the government to agree to force brave, peace loving people from their homes).

IMHO, the UN should be disbanded, kicked out of New York (I'm sure New York City could use the extra revenue that would provide) and change its name to the "union of Arab/Muslim and Muslim-fearing states" to actually reflect what it truly IS.

European governments cower from the Arab and Muslim people living in their lands. What they fail to realize is that these people are doing what they can do anyway -- angering them isn't going to change anything. They are perpetually angry. As a Jew, I know I'm a target anyway, just by existing. I realize that means I don't have to kowtow to them. By doing what they want, we are showing them weakness, in their eyes. Fight for what you believe in. Fight while there is still something to fight for. If things keep up the way they are going, there will be nothing left to fight for all to soon.

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