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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hallel Nirtzah(a)


I have family in Israel. And, while I do believe that they are safer in Israel than here in the US, I do worry about them. I worry every time I hear about another terror attack.

The night before she was murdered, Hallel was dancing in a recital, just like so many American and Israeli teens. Her name means "Praise to G-d" but her light has been snuffed out. 

Why was this sweet young girl murdered? Because the "Palestinian" leadership would rather keep their people in squalor, would rather line their own pockets with foreign aid, would rather have their people believe that all the ills of the lives, and all the ills of the world, will be solved if only they murder their neighbors, children and adults, men and women, singles and families. And, if they get killed themselves while murdering Jews, all the better -- they go to heaven and their family gets money, money that is kept from them by their leaders.

OK, so I understand why the "Palestinians" (or "the ethnically, linguistically, religiously identical people who could be living in any one of 21 other countries who don't want them, but Israel gives a home to despite their treasonous behavior"), who are nursed at the teet of hatred by mothers who were raised to hate in schools run by the United Nations and teach hatred and murder, hate Israel and scream for her destruction but why do the supposedly "civilized" western countries, while condemning terrorism in their own countries, condone and sometimes even support (verbally, emotionally and often even financially) these murderers when they murder Jews and Israelis? Why do they people in these countries, who have seen the difference between the Jews and Islamists in their own countries, see how Jews contribute to the vitality and economy of their country, while Islamists only take and destroy, only turn their countries into an image of the set of the most distopic movie you can imagine, why do they feel that Israel should be destroyed and the "Palestinians" should be lauded and lionized? 

Until the world stops supporting Mr. Abbas (aka Arafat in a suit) and his calls for genocidal murder, until the world stands up and stops financially supporting the "Palestinian Authority" and stops allowing the Islamists to commandeer the United Nations and use it as a pawn for their worldwide Jihad, until that day we will continue to lose wonderful people to the evil of hatred.

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