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Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's Wait for the Butter.......


I admit it -- I'm a Trekkie. I'm not really super into sci-fi in general, but I am a Trekkie. I sort of have this fantasy about what would happen if all those of us who support Israel could transport ourselves to another planet just long enough to allow the Radical Jihadists to do whatever they want.

We would need to transport with us supplies and equipment for the next few years (though I'm not even sure it would take that long, but just in case) and a good telescope/observatory because we would need to keep an eye on goings on on the planet earth.

So, one of the members of our group (possibly one of our intrepid reporters or bloggers) would keep an eye on things and report back to the group (our own little commune or kibbutz and we could all kibbitz (gossip) about it.

We'd be keeping an eye on things; the Islamists would now have no one to stand up to them; their route would be unfettered. They would come into Europe and Asia and Africa and even the Americas and introduce Sharia law. Women would regularly be killed because they do "dishonorable" things like speaking their minds or not wearing Burkhas. Very soon there would be fewer and fewer women to bear the next generation; there will begin to be a glut of men with no women to marry (and subjugate).

Add to this, since the Radical Jihadists really don't contribute anything positive to this world, there would be no technology, no agriculture, no industry, no art. The available food supply would soon run out.

We probably wouldn't even have to unpack our supplies before the Shi'ites would attack the Sunnis and the Sunnis would attack the Shi'ites. Like a very smart young Indian boy in a story I heard many times when I was a child, all we have to do is sit up in the tree until the Tigers turn to butter.

We could then come back to earth and build a more moral world, a world G-d would be proud of.

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