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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Free Middle East?


Thanks to one of my facebook friends, I found a new and interesting web site. Free Middle East has links to a myriad of youtube videos and articles with names like "Iran's Gender Apartheid",
"A Guide to Hamas: Human Rights Record in Gaza", and  "5 Misconceptions About the Middle East". 

I don't know how many people actually read these, particularly people who are in the anti-Israel (as in "I'm not an anti-Semite, I just hate Israel" -- I discuss this previously in Is Islamophobia equal to anti-Semitism) crowd or the "moral equivalency" crowd or even the "undecided" crowd. But it's nice to see more of this. It's nice to see more and more people coming down strongly on the side of Israel, despite people like Anna O'leary,  George Soros (Tzorus  -- Yiddish for "trouble" -- is right!) and large numbers of celebrities (who are woefully under informed about the Middle East but still consider themselves "experts").

 If you find yourself in a seemingly losing battle with one of these apologists for evil, you now have a place to get more material.

But from my perspective, I think asking the "big" questions might at least make them think:

1) Do you support women's rights?
2) Do you support gay rights?
3) Do you support freedom of religion?
4) Do you support reproductive rights?
5) Do you support animal rights?

Chances are, if the person you're talking to is a supposed liberal, that person will answer "yes" to at least most of these. So then you ask, "So why are you against Israel, which supports all of the above, and pro-Hamas, which suppresses all of the above?" "Free Middle East" has many articles and videos that show just how much these rights are suppressed by Hamas or Fatah or Iran or Syria or... [insert your "favorite" Islamist state here]. I even designed a t-shirt that says, "A liberal supports..." and I list a bunch of rights and then I end with "and supports countries that support those rights, Like Israel"

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