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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Carter and Arafat


I don't usually comment directly on news articles, but this one just couldn't go without comment.

Jimmy Carter, the ex-president who saw a UFO and attacked a killer rabbit and lusted in his heart and wrote a book that used out and out lies to paint a very positive picture of the Arab world and a very negative picture (patently false though it may be) of Israel, is at it again. He stopped to put a wreath on the gave of Yassar Arafat. Carter called the godfather of terrorism "... a peacemaker..." Well I guess Arafat is a peacemaker -- look at how many people are currently resting in peace thanks to him and his thugs.

The article also said that he is "eager to hear viewpoints" about peace and the peace process. "Instead of talking, he's doing a lot of listening," said [Carter's trip director Rick] Jasculca. (I quoted this directly from the article Jimmy Carter Lays A Wreath at Arafat's Tomb by Julie Stahl from Newsmax.com) Somehow, I have a feeling that the only listening the ex-president and current liar, Israel-basher and bigoted Jew-hater will be doing is to people who agree with him and hate and blame Israel as much as he does.

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