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Friday, January 11, 2008

I Still don't Get it....


I'll admit it -- I'm a flower child, a hippie, a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal, a Feminist. I feel for the downtrodden (sometimes a bit too much -- when I'm not careful, I get totally wrapped up in sorrow and get to the point where I can't function). I believe it's important for people to cooperate rather than compete.

What I don't get is how the people who I "grew up with" -- the Liberals, the Feminists, the hippies, the flower children -- are now becoming hate-mongers. They are becoming the most virulent anti-Zionist (and, hence, the most virulent anti-Jewish people short of Osama Bin Laden and his ilk).

What happened to the people who questioned everything? Where are the fearless doubters of the media, the critics of evil? Did smoking grass and dropping acid (which was not part of my hippie-ism, but was a way of life for many hippies) lead to the melting of the center of the brain that defines "good" and "evil"?

I hate to say it, but lately the biggest supporters of Israel are the very same people who feel it is their job to "bring the good news" to the Jewish people. These people, while supporters of Israel, will never be totally happy until every Jew on this planet has accepted JC as his/her personal savior. These are also the same people who, in the US, are the supporters of "big business", "states rights" (a leftover buzz word from the antebellum South which used to mean "pro-slavery" but now means "lower taxes for the rich/less welfare/services/help for the poor") and welfare/services/help for the rich (as in lower taxes to big business, laxer anti-trust laws, subsidies for factory farms and non-organic farms, etc. which lead to higher prices for organically grown/sustainably grown produce).

Mind you, their current leader, Mr. Bush, has proven himself over and over again to not only NOT be a friend of Israel (and, by extension, the Jews) but to be an enemy of Israel. By his choice of and support of Condoleeza Rice he has shown his support for a Palestinian state that will only serve as a launching pad for more missiles at population centers around Israel. The Palestinians don't deserve a state -- they have proven in Gaza that they cannot govern themselves. When asked whose rule they prefer to live under, 2/3 to 3/4 of the people in areas like East Jerusalem (mind you, these people are some of the most vociferous critics of Israel and its government) state they prefer to live under Israel's rule. Some are so convinced of this, they say that if East Jerusalem or the West Bank becomes part of the Palestinian Authority they will move to areas that are part of Israel proper.

So, here I am, back in yet another US presidential election year with little hope of a candidate to call my own, so to speak. I'm leaning toward Hillary, but I'm concerned she may choose Barak Obama (who is committed to the creation of a Palestinian state) as her running mate. If I had my way, she would either choose Joseph Lieberman or Artur Davis. Artur Davis is a representative from Alabama. Generally, in my bubble in NJ, where I avoid the news like the plague, I wouldn't know thing one about a Senator from Alabama, much less a representative. But Artur Davis has shown himself to be a friend of Israel, something very rare these days among African Americans, l'da'voneinu (to our detriment) and among Liberals.

Artur Davis, in my opinion, would make the perfect running mate for Hillary Clinton. That is a ticket I could get behind. Are you reading this, Hillary????

(To see an article written by Artur Davis and a congressional colleague of his, see http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oew-cantor12jan12,0,6398482.story )

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